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  • INTO THE WOODS media

    Pared to a cast of 10 (plus a surprise guest star!), using one piano, and working closely with music director Jeff Bobick, director Joe Bailey’s production of Into the Woods aims to strip down the grander aspects of the musical and concentrate on the story and the beautiful music and lyrics. This production highlights the resilience of the human spirit and adds lots of belly laughs along the way. Joe Bailey directs a cast that includes Drew Arnold, Kryssy Becker, Suzan M.

  • The Ringwald Announces 2013/2014 Season

    The Ringwald’s Lucky 7th Season will explore the power of words. Taking a cue from last season’s artistically (and commercially!) successful “Season of Family”, the 2013/2014 Ringwald season also adheres to a theme: the power of words. Obviously, plays are made of words, but the plays in this season all deal with words specifically; how words can fail us, how they can sustain us, how they can identify us, or how we string them together to create stories that inform our lives for good or bad.