September 9 - 26, 2011

Del Shores' play follows the journey of four gay boys in the Baptist Church. Storyteller Mark Lee Fuller tries to create a world of love and acceptance in the church and clubs of Dallas, Texas, while desperately trying to find a place to put his own pain and rage. The world Mark creates also includes two older barflies, Peanut and Odette, whose banter takes the audience from hysterical laughter to tragedy and tears. With a theme of religion clashing with sexuality, the play opened to rave reviews in Los Angeles during its original run and became the most awarded play of the year. 


Review by John Quinn

Review by Carolyn Hayes


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Directed by Joe Bailey; Costume Design by Vince Kelley

CAST: Matthew Turner Shelton as Mark; Michael Lopetrone as TJ; Vince Kelley as Benny/Iona Traylor; Joe Plambeck as Andrew; Connie Cowper as The Mothers; Barry Cutler as the Preacher; Jamie Richards as Peanut; Melissa Beckwith as Odette


October 7 - 29, 2011
at the City Theatre, Detroit

The cult classic movie, Evil Dead, turns 30 this year and The Ringwald/Who Wants Cake? and Olympia Entertainment are celebrating by bringing the hilariously bloody homage, Evil Dead: The Musical, back to Detroit. Based on Sam Raimi's 80's cult classic films, Evil Dead: The Musical unearths the old familiar story: boy and friends take a weekend getaway at abandoned cabin, boy expects to get lucky, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, friends turn into Candarian Demons, boy fights until dawn to survive. As musical mayhem descends upon this sleepover in the woods, "camp" takes on a whole new meaning with uproarious numbers like "All the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons", "What the F&%* Was That?" and "Do the Necronomicon".


Video Performance on Fox2     |     Video Interview on TVwarren

Directed by Michelle LeRoy; Music Direction by Geff Phillips; Set Design by Tommy LeRoy; Choreography by Molly Zaleski; Costumes by Vince Kelley

CAST: Pete Podolski as Ash; Tara Tomcsik as Annie/Shelly; Molly Zaleski as Cheryl; Tim Kay as Scott; Thalia Schramm as Linda; David Schoen as Jake; Dez Walker as Ed/Evil Moose


by John Cameron Mitchell, Music by Stephen Trask
October 14 - November 7, 2011

This groundbreaking Obie-winning Off-Broadway smash also won multiple awards for its hit film adaptation. It tells the story of “internationally ignored song stylist” Hedwig Schmidt (played by Vince Kelley), an East German rock ‘n’ roll goddess who also happens to be the victim of a botched sex-change operation, which has left her with just “an angry inch.” This outrageous and unexpectedly hilarious story is dazzlingly performed by Hedwig in the form of a rock gig/stand-up comedy routine backed by the hard-rocking band “The Angry Inch.” It’s a rocking ride, funny, touching and ultimately inspiring to anyone who has felt life gave them an inch when they deserved a mile.


Review by John Monaghan

Review by Nicole Rupersburg

Review by Carolyn Hayes

Review by John Quinn


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Directed by Joe Plambeck; Music Direction by Eric Gutman; Set Design by Katie Orwig; Sound Design by Joe Plambeck and Eric Gutman; Slides by Joe Plambeck, Dyan Bailey, and Dave Davies.

CAST: Vince Kelley as Hedwig; Sonja Marquis as Yitzhak; The Angry Inch is Dave Dambacher, Eric Gutman, 
Shawn Neal, Jeff Sugamosto.


by Ryan Landry
Nov 25 - Dec 19, 2011

A twisted take on two classic tales, Silent Night of the Lambs mixes one part thriller (The Silence of the Lambs) and one part holiday TV special (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) to create a twisted recipe. Rudolph's daughter Clarice (Melissa Beckwith) is all grown-up. She's an FBI agent on the biggest case of her life: a serial killer called The Skinner is killing off tiny boys with crutches and little girls who sell matches. To enter the mind of this serial killer Clarice must challenge the mind of another madman- a fat, jolly, bowlful of jelly madman (played by Dave Davies). With his help can she find The Skinner before he kills again without losing her sanity?


Review by Carolyn Hayes

Review by Bridgette Redman

Review by Sam White

Review by Crystal Proxmire


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Directed by Joe Plambeck; Assistant Direction by Dyan Bailey; Sound Design by Ryan Landry; Slides by Dyan Bailey and Joe Plambeck; Set Design by Katie Orwig.

CAST: Melissa Beckwith as Clarice Starling; Dave Davies as Santa Claus; Also featuring Chris Berryman, Anne Faba, Cara Trautman, Pete Podolski, Brian Papandrea, Genevieve Jona.


By David Sedaris
Dec 21 through 23, 2011

Who Wants Cake? is proud to announce the return of David Sedaris’ side-splitting, anti-holiday treat. The Santaland Diaries gives an horrific account of a resting actor (Joe Plambeck) and his seasonal employment in the Christmas Grotto in a famous department store. In Season's Greetings, meanwhile, a housewife (Joe Bailey) is composing her annual Christmas newsletter, detailing the important events of her year ... not least of which is the arrival of her husband's sexually precocious Vietnamese love child.

A distinctively different and totally fabulous double bill.

Directed by Jamie Richards

Featuring: Joe Plambeck as David/Crumpet; Joe Bailey as Jocelyn Dunbar


By Tony Kushner
January 14 - 30, 2012

A Bright Room Called Day is the haunting story of a group of artists struggling to preserve themselves in 1930s Berlin as the Weimar Republic falls to its knees. The play transcends historical drama as we witness the outpourings of a contemporary New York woman who is morally outraged at the United States government of today. The play is, like Angels in America, a genre-defying mixture of literate comedy, serious drama, and political-philosophical meditation.


Review by Carolyn Hayes


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Directed by Joe Bailey; Set Design by Jamie Warrow; Sound Design by Joe Bailey and Joe Plambeck; Lighting Design by Joe Plambeck; Costume Design by Vince Kelley; Slides by Joe Plambeck

CAST: Jamie Warrow is Agnes Eggling; Lisa Melinn is Zillah Katz; Richard Payton is Baz; Christa Coulter is Paulinka Erdnuss; Melissa Beckwith is Annabella Gotchling; Jon Ager is Vealtninc Husz; Michael Lopetrone is Malek; Matthew Turner Shelton is Roland/Traum; Connie Cowper is Die Alte; Rob Pantano is Gottfriend Swetts


Kim Carney's Elizabeth The Beautiful  &
Tennessee Williams' Suddenly, Last Summer
Feb 17 - March 12, 2012

Suddenly, Last Summer Preview Video
Suddenly, Last Summer
Review from Encore Michigan

Elizabeth the Beautiful Preview Video
Elizabeth the Beautiful Review from Encore Michigan

In commemoration of what would have been Elizabeth Taylor’s 80th birthday on February 27, The Ringwald Theatre is set to celebrate her life and one of her best-known roles in February! You’ve never seen Elizabeth Taylor celebrated until you see how The Ringwald celebrates her!

First up: In the World Premiere of Elizabeth the Beautiful by Kim Carney, we find Elizabeth recovering from back surgery in an elegant Virginia hotel in 1978. After a near-fatal encounter with a chicken bone, she is visited by her ex-ex-husband Richard Burton-or is she? Is he merely a figment of her unconscious mind? During this visit, Burton ushers in notable figures from her past, all with the purpose of teaching her a very valuable lesson about where her life is headed. Elizabeth the Beautiful is a funny, outlandish, and ultimately touching valentine to Ms. Taylor’s life.

Opening one week later will be a campy rendition of Tennessee Williams masterpiece, Suddenly, Last Summer. The sordid tale of Catharine Holly (famously played by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1959 movie adaptation, here played by Marke Sobolewski) and her cousin Sebastian whose life meets an unseemly end when they are vacationing together in Cabeza de Lobo. Will Catharine get to tell what really happened before Sebastian’s mother (played by Lauren Bickers) follows through with her threats to have Catharine lobotomized?


Elizabeth the Beautiful Directed by Bryan Lark; Suddenly, Last Summer Directed by Joe Plambeck; Set Design by Katie Orwig; Costume Design by Vince Kelley; Lighting Design by Joe Plambeck. 

Elizabeth the Beautiful CAST: Joe Bailey as Elizabeth Taylor; Mike McGettigan as Richard Burton; Patrick O'Connor Cronin as Everyone Else

Suddenly, Last Summer CAST: Marke Sobolewski as Catharine Holly; Lauren Bickers as Mrs. Venable; Mikey Brown as Doctor Sugar; Carrie Anne Hall as Mrs. Holly; Vince Kelley as George Holly; Anne Faba as Mrs. Foxhill; Genevieve Jona as Sister Felicity


by David Mamet
March 30-April 9, 2012

At one of Hollywood’s hottest studios, Charlie Fox has a terrific vehicle for a currently hot client. Bringing the script to his friend Bobby Gould, the newly appointed Head of Production, both see the work as their ticket to the Big Time. The star wants to do it; and they prepare their pitch to the studio boss.  Throw into the mix a temp who may or may not be all that she seems, a sexy bet, and a book about radiation and Speed-the-Plow is the perfect Mamet concoction!

Directed by Joe Bailey

Featuring: Jamie Warrow; Leah Smith; Kelly Rossi


by Charles Busch
May 11-June 4, 2012


Review by John Quinn

Review by Carolyn Hayes


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This outrageous comedy pays homage to nearly every Hollywood film involving nuns. Evoking such films as The Song of Bernadette, The Bells of St. Mary’s, The Singing Nun and Agnes of God, The Divine Sister tells the story of St. Veronica’s indomitable Mother Superior (played by Joe Bailey) who is determined to build a new school for her Pittsburgh convent. Along the way, she has to deal with a young postulant who is experiencing “visions,” sexual hysteria among her nuns, a sensitive schoolboy in need of mentoring, a mysterious nun visiting from the Mother House in Berlin, and a former suitor intent on luring her away from her vows.  This madcap trip through Hollywood religiosity evokes the wildly comic but affectionately observed theatrical style of the creator of Die! Mommie! Die! and Psycho Beach Party.

Directed by Jamie Richards

Featuring: Joe Bailey, Melissa Beckwith, Lisa Jesswein, Julia Garlotte, Meredith Deighton, and Jamie Richards.

GPS (Gay Play Series) 2012

June 15 - 25, 2012
For complete details on the 3rd Annual GPS, click HERE.

REVIEW of Block A & B from Encore Michigan
of the festival from Denise Manzagol

Preview Video of Block A Plays
Preview Video
of Block B Plays

Preview Video
of Vince Does Judy

2012 Audience Favorites:
Favorite Script: Fanny Packs & Hanky Codes by Kristian O'Hare
Favorite Director: Gary Lehman, Queer/Trek by Brian Walker
Favorite Actress: Genevieve Jona, Ten Picnics by Mark Harvey Levine
Favorite Actor: Patrick O'Connor Cronin, Fanny Packs and Hanky Codes

The Ringwald Theatre is proud to announce the 3rd installment of its wildly popular Gay Play Series (GPS). Last year’s outing was attended by hundreds of people over a ten day festival period. This year the program will run over two consecutive weekends that will feature a one-time only event, music shows and, at the centerpiece, performances of 11 new, one act LGBT plays.

· Defrost by Tony Foster; Directed by PJ Jacokes
· Turnaround by Joe Bailey; Directed by Jamie Richards
· Queer/Trek by Brian Walker; Directed by Gary Lehman
· Mate Trade by Laura Witkowski & Cara Trautman; Directed by Topher Payne
· Fanny Packs & Hanky Codes by Kristian O’Hare; Directed Matthew Turner Shelton
· Homochondria by Brad Baron; Directed by Michelle Leroy
· Ask Me! Tell Me! by Andrew Charles Lark; Directed by Nancy Arnfield
· Pocket Universe by Duncan Pflaster; Directed by Lisa Melinn
· Ten Picnics by Mark Harvey Levine; Directed by Joe Plambeck
· A Streetcar Named Viagra by Daniel Curzon; Directed by Sean McClellan
· Break My Face on Your Hand by Daniel Talbott; Directed by Joe Bailey


July 14 - August 13, 2012
Sat/Mon at 8pm, Sun at 3pm


Encore Michigan   |   Denise Manzagol


Preview   |   Audience Reaction

By popular demand, The Ringwald is pleased to announce a “rerun” of the hilarious Jamie Morris parody: The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode. Opening Saturday, July 14th, The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode will play Saturday-Mondays for an exclusive five week run at The Ringwald Theatre in Downtown Ferndale. After a sold-out run in the summer of 2008 (and still the most requested show by audience members) the wildly popular The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode returns to the Detroit area!

Written by Jamie Morris, Facts features an all-male cast as the girls from Eastland. The lost episode in question is titled "The Best Little Whorehouse in Peekskill." Budget cuts are threatening to force Mrs. Garrett (Joe Bailey) to leave Eastland. But like the theme song states, “You take the good, You take the bad” and Blair (Richard Payton), Tootie (Jerry Haines), Natalie (Joe Plambeck) and Jo (Jamie Richards) are willing to do anything to raise enough money for her to stay. Anything.

"8" the Play

by Dustin Lance Black

One Night Only!
Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ringwald Theatre in partnership with the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and Broadway Impact announce a one-night-only reading of “8,” on Friday, July 20, 2012. “8” chronicles the historic trial in the federal constitutional challenge to California’s Proposition 8 and is written by AFER Founding Board Member and Academy Award-winning writer Dustin Lance Black.

“8” is an unprecedented account of the Federal District Court trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger (now Perry v. Brown), the case filed by AFER to overturn Proposition 8, which stripped gay and lesbian Californians of the fundamental right to marry. Black, who penned the Academy Award-winning feature film Milk, based “8” on the actual words of the trial transcripts, first-hand observations of the courtroom drama, and interviews with the plaintiffs and their families.

The Ringwald performance of “8” takes place on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. at 22742 Woodward Avenue in downtown Ferndale. The production will be directed by Jamie Warrow – who is not only a theatre artist, but also a lawyer. Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 and reservations can be made online at For more information please call The Ringwald Theatre at 248-545-5545.