Please Give Me Your Money So I Can Buy a Vagina

As the headline suggests, this is a shameless attempt to get your money. I would ask for a spare vagina instead but last time I asked, I got slapped. In exchange for your money, I have written a one-woman comedy show that I will be performing at the Ringwald Theatre. It even won an award, so it’s not awful! For $10, you could see a lot worse.

I, Julia Marsh, wrote and star in the show, Joe Bailey of the Ringwald Theatre is directing, and it has even caught the attention of the newspaper Between The Lines (read the article here).

"A HUGE congrats to Julia Lynn Marsh for her sold-out, awesome, touching and moving performance today of Please Give Me Your Money... So I Can Buy A Vagina! Your story is incredible and we loved having you be a part of this year's 4th Annual GPS (Gay Play Series)! "- The Ringwald Theatre

The show will be playing for three consecutive Fridays: September 13th, 20th, and 27th. Showtimes are 7 pm, with an hour run time. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased below or at the door. So please come and give me your money so I can get gender reassignment surgery (a vagina).

Buy your tickets HERE.

Photo by Scott Lipiec.