Reading of RESTORATION DOGS on Sun, March 18

Restoration Dogs is a transformative period piece by Mark Finnell containing aspects of parody of the cult film Reservoir Dogs (1992). In this transformative work, eight criminals plot to steal the Crown Jewels of the British throne under the rule of King Charles II . The setting is London 1671. This is based on the factual incident which happened at the Tower of London on May 9th 1671.

Colonel Thomas Blood an Irishman, (later called 'Sir Lavender') is the proud 'inside man' with the plot. Being one of the most wanted men in England in 1670 for other crimes and plots both carried out and foiled. He later became known as 'The Man Who Stole The Crown Jewels.'

Featuring: Joel Mitchell, Rob Pantano, David Herbst, Bryan Lark, Mike McGettigan, Wayne David Parker, Stephen Blackwell, Dave Davies, Tina Gloss-Finnell, Lise Lacasse, Chris Smith, Patrick O’Connor Cronin, Mark Finnell.

The reading will be at 2pm on Sunday, March 18th at The Ringwald Theatre in Ferndale, MI. There is no admission, but donations at the door will be accepted and are appreciated.