Who Wants Cake? receives Best Theatrical Ensemble award from Real Detroit!

Who Wants Cake? has been awarded BEST THEATRICAL ENSEMBLE for the second time from Real Detroit Weekly's Best of Detroit! Read the shout out and all the other awards at the link below. Thank you to Real Detroit, to all of our awesome audiences, and to our amazing actors and crew!!!!!

They do it all at the Ringwald Theatre – from sidesplitting Yuletide comedies to dystopian dramas like Mercury Fur. They also do it with a spirit that reminds one of the "Hey, kids! Let's put on a show!" enthusiasm of Mickey and Judy ... or Gomez & Morticia. It's hard to tell at times. What isn't difficult to understand is your continued enthusiasm for this Ferndale troupe and the two way-above-average Joes (Plambeck and Bailey) who guide it to excellence year after year. 

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