The Ringwald is located in the "Times Square of Ferndale," just south of Nine Mile on the East side of Woodward. The Ringwald produces work that will blur the lines between race, income, religion, and sexuality. Seasons will include productions focusing primarily on newer works, previously un-produced scripts, and fresh interpretations of seasoned classics.

The Ringwald opened their doors in May of 2007 with 
Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy and quickly became a mainstay of Detroit’s theatre community. The Ringwald is dedicated to providing a creative environment for local artists to produce works that challenge, confront, and entertain.

 The Ringwald Board of Directors: 

 Artistic Director 
 Joe Bailey
 Media Director 
 Brandy Joe Plambeck
 Creative Director 
Dyan Bailey

Director of Marketing 
Bryan Lark

 Director of Engagement 
Vince Kelley

Gretchen Craven Schock

Greg Eldridge
Suzan M. Jacokes
Kelly Komlen
Sydney Lepora