A Glance Back, and a Long Look Ahead

Jan. 25, 2021


It’s been an interesting start to the year, hasn’t it? It may seem hard to see past the fog of our social media and news feeds at the moment, but we want to take a second to state our commitment and stance going forward. The Ringwald has a long history of spotlighting and uplifting LGBTQ+ experiences and stories. We will absolutely continue to forge ahead with this goal at our roots, but we’re seeking to expand the scope and breadth of whom our projects unabashedly include. We acknowledge and commit to a anti-racist, inclusive, diverse, and progressive future, because we believe that BIPoC and Latinx individuals have a right to visibility, inclusion, and representation. We condemn the behavior and actions that occurred in the US capitol on January 6th, 2021, and we acknowledge that every single institution in our country needs to do a better job of addressing actions such as these, while genuinely committing to deeply progressive change and creation of opportunity. It is our sincerest goal to make our creative and business processes as transparent and clear as possible in striving towards this goal. This is to say that we are taking deep dives as a creative institution and team into what our future projects and theatrical endeavours will look like. While we may be unsure of the nature of our future physical space at the moment, we commit to making it one that gives a listening ear, uplifts, and amplifies, BIPoC and Latinx voices, experiences, and stories.

From our very first production in our original space on Woodward, Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy, in May of 2007, to our very last in that space, Dance Nation, we have always sought to challenge and confront the status quo, while creating an entertaining and safe environment. We will continue to seek these values, and come back to you very soon with all of your most favorite Ringwald regulars, and many new faces. We love you, we miss you, and we ask you to keep an eye out for a few very special projects that will be coming your way in the near future. Maybe eat some cheesecake while you’re waiting.

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